Its finally time for the beach trip you’ve been waiting for.. but you don’t know what to wear so in this post i’m going to give you a couple of ideas of what you can wear and look stylish too.

Style 1- floral Button up

summer is the time for bright colors and light weight clothes. Like i said in my Mens Summer Essentials post every man should have at least one floral pattern/colored button up because it stands out more than your basic t-shirt that all the other guys will be wearing. And for the bottoms you can wear a pair of distressed jean shorts but in the picture im wearing my swim trunks.

Style 2- Denim shorts and polo shorts

A good pair of shorts are a must for the summer. Denim shorts with a polo is a simple combo but make you look good.


TIP 3- Swim Trunks

A nice pair of swim trunks that are tailored is a must for guys. No more baggy long swim trunks.