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Im not here to say what you (Trends) should and shouldn’t wear. Everyone has there own style and should wear what they like but with that being said these are my summer trends. There are many trends that come and go and also ones that stay for a while so in this post im going to being talking about the recent trends that have came up. 

The bulkier the better

The trend of dad shoes started in 2017 and became more popular with the release of the balenciaga triple S. This trend is basically called the dad shoe trend because the shoe is bulky and “ugly” and looks like something your dad would wear. With this trend blowing up with the help of balenciaga many other brands have came out with there own like the yeezy 700 waverunner, gucci rhyton logo sneaker, louis vuitton srchlight, masion margela fusion, and many more. 

Floral Vibes

Ive said this so many times before in my post but im ging to keep saying it. Floral button up shirt. This is a new trend thats came up moatly becaue of summer and the warmer weather. Brighter colors are just a must fot this season.

Track life

The track pants trend started last summer but is still going strong this summer as well. The relase of the fear of god track pants with the strpe on the side made the trend become more popular and also with the helps of celebs like haley baldwin, kendal jenner, kanye west, lil uzi and many many more. 

Add some Accessories

Accessories have really blown up especially for men. Like watches, necklaces, and rings.

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