How to Style Jewlery

A nice watch, bracelet, or neckless can make the most simple outfit and turn it into and even better outfit. With this in mind you DON’T to over do it with the jewelry. Keep it simple to 1, or 2 max. In this post i’ll be talking about ways on how to style jewelry and the best kinds/essential every man needs in there collection.
The first item I will be talking about is the watch. The watch is a must have for every man. It makes you look more sophisticated and like you care about your time (being on time). There are may watches that you can get that are really good deals and look like they cost way more. There’s also many different stye of watches like more simple and casual ones to more advanced and bigger ones. I personally prefer the smaller more casual ones because I can wear everyday or if I want want to dress it up I can do that as well.
mens watch

The next item is a bracelet. A nice beaded bracelet or bangle paired with watch just looks amazing. A place you can go check out that has really nice bracelets that i personally think is worth is ASOS. They have all different kinds and styles of bracelets from beaded ones, to bangles and more. 

mens bracelet

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