7 Back to School Essential Every Guy Needs

back to school essentials

School is just right around the corner and you need to be prepared for it. I am here to help you look stylish for this school year and kill it. So today i’m going to be showing you 7 Back to School Essentials Every Guy Needs.

1. Sneakers

The first essential is a pair of sneakers that you can wear everyday and goes with everything you wear. I did a post previously on Top 5 Back to School Sneakers Under $100 dollars which you can look at for ideas of sneakers to get.

2. Backpack

The second essential is a nice backpack. One that looks good and padding in the back because you’re going to be caring it around all day.

3. T-Shirts

The next essential are a pair of basic black, white and grey t-shirts. You want to get a bunch because these are going to be one of your most worn thing and if it fits right it can still look stylish. You want the sleeves to hug your bicep and go a little less than half way down your bicep and you want is to be snug around your chest but not to snug.

4. Jeans

Essential number 4 is a good pair of jeans. A darker wash like a black pair of a navy blue pair because you can get a way with wearing them multiple times a week.

5. Cologne

Number 5 on todays list is a nice smelling cologne. I personally use the jimmy chou cologne but I want to branch out and try the vercace one.

6. Watch

A watch is going to be the next essential. A nice watch can make you look more stylish and also that your a busy person and that you have things to do and places to be.

7. Bluetooth Headphones

A good pair of bluetooth headphones are a must for when your walking from class to class or when your doing work.


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