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The Best Cologne For Men To Make You Stand Out

best mens cologne to make you stand out

The best colognes for men is a hard question to ask. You could say something that has a strong scent is the best because you’ll get more attention. You could say that something that smells like a spice or is strong is the best. Well today in this post i’m going to tell you my top 3 favorite colognes at the moment.

If you are into strong scents and want to stand out thus is something that you will like. This is the strongest colognes out of all the colognes i have on this. Its urban smell and smells like a spice.

This fragrance is one that shows that you take care of your self and like to smell good. As in the title its a light scent but a good one. This would be perfect for this spring and summer.

Out of all of the colognes on the list this is my favorite. This as is the name smells like a nice ocean and that you are on a vacation.

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