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The Best Chest and Shoulder Workout to Build A Bigger and Stronger physique

Spring and Summer is just right around the corner and we all know what that means. Time for the beach, pool, hanging out with friends etc… Some of you might not have the body that you want or not that comfortable with the way you look, but don’t worry I got you guys covered. Today i’m going to show you The Best Chest and Shoulder Workout to Build A Bigger and Stronger physique. I usually go the the gym everyday either in the morning when I don’t have anything to do in the morning or in the evening after work, school, or practice. My typical routine is I do Push, Pull, Legs. Push day is chest and shoulders. Pull day is back and arms and legs is obviously leg day. So today i’ll be showing you my push workout (Chest and shoulders) in a  series that I will be doing called “Get fit with me”. 

Warm Up:

For my warm up I go on the bench and do 5,5,4,3,2,1,1. So I start with a light weight and do 5 reps with that weight. Then I increase the weight buy by 10 pounds. 

Exercise One: Bench Press

 I do 3×10-12 at 130 pounds on bench press and then super set it with 10 push ups which means that right after you are done the set you go right into the push ups with barley any rest. I then would do another 5 reps and increase the weight and go down on the reps.

Exercise Two: Inclined Bench Press

I raise up the bench so that im on an incline and do 3×10 at 90 pounds. This workout focuses on the upper chest.

Exercise Three: Dumbbell Flies

I next go to the free weights and raise up the bench a little. I will get a weight thats not to heavy and not to light and do 3×10 dumbbell flies.

Exercise Four: Inclined Press Machine

Then I go to the incline press machine and do 3×12 at 60 pounds.

Exercise Five: Shoulder Press

Now after i’m done with my chest workout I then go into my shoulder workouts. With all of my shoulder workouts I use lighter weights. I start off my shoulder workout with shoulder press. For these I do 3×10 at a light weight. 

Exercise Six: Side Dumbbell Raises

Now I do side dumbbell raises to work on the outer side of the shoulder. For this I do 3×15 with 10-15 pound weights.

Thats honestly all that I really do with my shoulder workouts. Mostly because I have shoulder pains but thats all that I do for my push (chest and shoulder) workout. Also something thats really important if you are trying gain or lose weight is dieting. For me since its hard for me to gain weight and muscle I try to eat a lot of calories a day but i don’t have a set diet per-say that I go by. I just try to eat healthy and take in more calories a day.

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