Top Spring & Summer Fashion Trends 2019

mens spring summer trends 2019

The sun is out, the weather is warm, and school is out. Yup, Summer is here and there are new trends that have been on the rise and have really been popping up a lot recently. But theres also some trends that have stayed since the last spring and summer season. So lets just begin.


Vests have been popping off recently. They’ve been everywhere on instagram from celebs to fashion pages. At first I really didn’t like this trend but its been growing on me and seeing how people styled it also helped. Theres also different styles of vest too. Theres tactical vests with a bunch of pockets, then theres the “bulletproof vest”,and also jacket vest. Adding a vest can add so much to an outfit.

Patterned Button Ups

This trend was very popular last summer and its back again. But the difference this year is that the patterns are not just floral there also pictures of things/places that are printed on the button up. And then its jus one big picture printed on a button up.


Do I really need to say anything about this one. Runners/trainers have blown up especially with the help of the yeezy 700, and yeezy 500. I think this trend came up from the dad shoe trend but became more popular because these aren’t as bulky. 


I know sunglasses aren’t really a popular trend in mens fashion but still. I have been seeing people on instagram where sunglasses really helped out an outfit out. 

Light Vintage Denim

Anything vintage is always popular but recently light washed denim has been becoming more popular. They are easy to style. You can wear them with basically anything. For this trend I recommend thrifting a pair since theres so many pairs of these style of jeans there. Then you can slo taper them if you don’t want that baggy look.


Bags is also ones of those trends that have stayed since last year. I even had this in my best trends of 2018 post. 

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