10 best back to school sneakers for 2019

back to school sneakers

I know some of y’all are already starting to go back to school in a few weeks, and on that first day you want to look nice. Don’t worry I got y’all. Im going to show you the best sneakers to get for back to school. Some are going to be more affordable than others and theres going to be some sneakers returning from last years post. So these are going to be the best back to school sneakers for 2019.


back to school vans

There cant be a back to schools sneaker list with out vans. Vans are are just an affordable sneaker that you can wear with almost anything. Also theres been so many collab’s done you don’t have to get regular ones either and they all range from $40-$90 dollars. You can never go wrong with a pair of vans.

Air Force 1's

back to school air force 1

Just like vans, air force 1’s are another great sneaker to buy for school or just in general to buy. You can get a white pair for around 90 dollars, but theres also many other colors and collabs done that you can get too. I recommend getting the plain white pair because they go with basically anything and even when dirty they look good as well.

Adidas Yung 1

back to school adidas yung 1

These sneakers i’ve recently got this past Christmas and when I say these are some of the most comfortable sneakers i’ve worn… they are. These would be great for back to school with how comfortable and versatile they are and theres many color ways to choose from.

Jordan 1

back to school jordan 1

If you want a shoe thats more hyped than the previous two Jordan 1’s are always a good choice. Theres so many color ways to chose from but the one thing about theses shoes are that they get really expensive. They range from anywhere between $100-$300 dollars. If you have bit of a higher budget Jordan 1’s are a good back to school sneaker.

CDG Converse

cdg converse

If you want something a little less hype but a popular brand I recommend the Com De Garcon (CDG) converse. They have these in low and high top versions. Personally I like the white hight top version, and they range from $100-$140 dollars.

Nike Blazer

nike blazer

Nike blazer’s have recently been becoming very popular ever since the off-white blazer’s came out, but the regular blazers are an affordable, comfortable, vintage style shoe. These sneakers range from $100-$150 dollars

Nike VaporMax

nike vapormax

Vapor max’s are also a really versatile sneaker thats comfortable and looks good with almost anything. This sneaker though is kind of pricy. They start around $190 but not a bad sneaker for back to school.

Jordan 1 Low

back to school jordan 1 low

Now if you you the way Jordan 1’s look but don’t have that kind of money or don’t want to spend that much money, the low version is a good alternative. You still get that retro Jordan 1 look just in a low top version and way more cheaper.

Nike Airmax 97

air max 97

Air max 97’s are just a sneaker that if you don’t what what to wear you can throw them on and they’ll automatically look good. They’re really comfortable too. The prices aren’t too bad so for back to school theyll be . good pick up.

Adidas Continental

adidas continental

The continental’s I had last year on my affordable back to school sneaker list and its back on this years list. These are good alternatives if you really like the Yeezy power phases because they’re basically the same shoe. These come in many color ways and look good with any outfit.

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