Mens Clothing Essentials

mens essentials

One of the hardest things to do in the morning is figuring out what to wear in the morning. You look in  you closet and see a whole bunch of pieces but they don’t go together and you think that you don’t have anything to wear.

mens essentials

But if you have you essential pieces to wear this wouldn’t be a problem. These are my top essential pieces every man should own.


mens essentials shoes

Theres 4 styles of shoes that every guy should own. The first ones are black and brown leather shoes. At some point you are going ton need to get dressed up for some kind of event and thats not something you want to wear sneakers at. Black or brown leather shoes are classy and more mature. 

The next style is a a pair of plain white leather sneakers, this is a sneaker that you could basically wear everyday and goes with everything. 

The other essential shoe is are a pair of athletic sneaker which are good for those days you want to have that athletic look. 

The last pair is not a pair of shoes but a pair of boots. Boots are good for those fall and winter days when you need something rugged to wear.


Basic Tee’s are always an essential for men and women. They’re just Tee’s that goes with literally everything. The colors that you should get though are white, black, and grey. These are neutral colors that will go with anything you wear. You can even dress up a basic Tee if you want to. For these Tee’s you should get something with good quality, even though they will cost a little more they will last longer.


mens essential jeans

Jeans are something you’re going to be wearing everyday because they are just easy to wear and throw on, but there are certain types of jeans that you should get first when you are building your closet. 

The first pant you should get is a pair of dark washed denim like a black pair or raw pair. These pants you can wear everyday and people wont even know its that same pair of pants. 

The other style is a light washed pair, and also when you’re buying jeans make sure they fit you good, not too baggy but not too tight as well. I’ve seen some guys that wear super skinny jeans and you can just see everything and it just looks weird.


best mens cologne to make you stand out

This is probably the one essential that most people probably wont have or wear as much. A nice watch, glasses/shades, or bracelet will just make the basics look way more better. If you want to know more about accessories I recently made a post all about them called “How To Make Your Outfits Look Better”

More essentials: 


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