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6 Back To School Essentials EVERY Student Needs

Sadly summer is coming to an end soon and that means school is about to start, and probably started for some of you. With that being said its time to start thinking about thing you’ll need for back to school like outfits, tech, etc.. Don’t worry though i’m here to help show you 7 of my back to school essentials for this up coming school year.



For when you’re on the long bus ride to or from school, walking in the hallways, or just passing the time between classes a pair of headphones is a must. Preferably a pair of bluetooth headphones so they are easier to travel with. Also make sure you charge them over night if you do go for bluetooth ones.

Back Packs

back to school essentials

I don’t know anyone who can go to school with out a back pack. Obvioussly these are essential but make sure you are getting the right ones. A nice leather or cavas back pack that will last the whole school year, and one thats not trendy because it probably wont be trendy by the end of the school year.

Portable Charger

This is probably something that will save you for when there no outlets near you and you phone is just about to die. Also if you forget to charge your wireless headphones these will come in handy. A portable charger will come in handy many times and is a great back to school essential


You don’t want to be that person after gym class that just smells terrible, make sure you have a nice smelling fragrance in your bag for those emergencies. Just make sure you aren’t over doing it and choking everybody up in class.

Reusable Water Bottle

I use one of these everyday even when i’m not in school. It helps me to remember to be drinking water especially since I work out and run Cross Country. Also you’ll be helping the environment by not using so much plastic.

Dark Wash Denim

For those days you don’t know what to wear you can never go wrong with a pair of dark denim. They are easy to style and you can basically wear them everyday with a pair of sneakers or boots for when the weather get cooler.

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