How to look good While on a Budget

How to dress good while on a budget
How to dress good while on a budget
how to dress good while on a budget

I know not everyone has loads of money to spend on clothes and are on a budget, but thats okay because i’m going to show you some tips on how to dress good and some style tips while on a budget.

Buy Solid Colors

Get your essential pieces in solid colors. Do this so that people wont be a able to tell if what you have on is expensive or not. Without a bold print or standout design people wont be able to tell if you spent 10 dollars or 100 dollars on a piece.

No Logos

If you’re on a budget you usually wouldn’t want people to know what brand of clothes you wear so make sure that there aren’t any big or bold logos that people can see. This is kind of the same as getting solid colors.

Get your older clothes tailored

When you’re clothes actually fit you the way they were supposed to it can make any cheaper clothing piece look 10 times better. It also doesn’t cost much to get your clothes tailored and if you know how to sew you can do it your self.

Get some Glasses/Sunglasses

A pair of glasses can elevate any of your outfits and, also you can buy some glasses that don’t cost that much and they’ll still look good

Clean your Sneakers

Making sure that your shoes are clean can really improve how your outfit looks. A nice cheap pair of white sold sneakers that you keep clean will look 10 times better than a pair of dirty higher price sneakers. 

Buy Used Clothes

Don’t be ashamed of buying used clothes from goodwill, salvation army, eBay, etc. You can buy some really nice pieces form their and if you use the tips I said above you can make any clothing piece look stylish

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