Fall Essentials

Its finally the fall time and,  that means the leaves are going to start falling, the weather is going to get cooler, and its time to start layering. Fall is by far my favorite seasons mostly because i can start to layer and its easier to put outfits together. Today i’m going to show you some fall essentials that every man needs.


When you think of fall one of the first things that you think of are flannel shirts. Theses are great buy themselves or even over a hoodie. Also theres many colors to choose from.

Heavier Cologne

During the fall season its time to put away those light sweet smelling colognes and use some darker, heavier colognes. Heavy like your woody, and spicy scents

Leather Boots

The other thing you think of when it comes to the fall season are boots. More specificlly leather boots. Leather boots are going to be great for those rainy days and sometimes even before winter those snow days, and also keep your feet warm too.

Chunky Sweater

Chunky/chunkier sweaters will be great for those fall days thats colder but not too cold. You can dress them up for when you have somewhere important to be or even dress them down with a pair of jeans and boots.

Darker Denim

When I think of fall I think of neutral and dark colors so of course a pair of black and salvage denim are going to be essential for this fall season.

Neutral Colors

And speaking of neutral colors yes they’re an essential for fall. They go with so many colors so color blocking with neutrals shouldn’t be hard. 

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