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What I Got From Gymsharks Blackout Sale


Recently gymshark had there blackout sale where they have a huge sale around black Friday and lasts for about a week. They had somethings on sale for up to 70% off so I was like I need to buy something and thats exactly what I did. I got two things from them. The Grade sweatpants in black and the grade hoodie also in black. 

What I really like about this set is how warm it keeps you. On the outside it has a fuzzy material that feels like sherpa. Its also really comfortable.

The one thing though that I really don’t like about it is how tight it is. I got a medium in both top and bottoms and thats my usual size. If you wanted to wear the pants on your leg days it would be hard just trying to get into a squat but its good if you wear them on upper body days. The hoodie though is fine for your upper and lower body days. 

These items i feel like are just more for lounge wear or to wear when you want to through something on and stay warm. Not the best for the gym.


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