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mens spring summer trends 2019

Top Spring & Summer Fashion Trends 2019

The sun is out, the weather is warm, and school is out. Yup, Summer is here and there are new trends that have been on the rise and have really been popping up a lot recently. But theres also…

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Festival Outfit Ideas

Festival season is here and in full effect so now you can go and listen to your favorite bands or artist and have a fun time. But thats just one of the fun parts about going to festivals, the…

2018 trends

The BEST Trends of 2018

While 2018 is coming to an end soon, and this year being a crazy year for fashion theres been many trends. With all of the collaborations between high end designers and streetwear theres bound to be new trends. But…

back to school essentials

7 Back to School Essential Every Guy Needs

School is just right around the corner and you need to be prepared for it. I am here to help you look stylish for this school year and kill it. So today i’m going to be showing you 7…

back to school sneakers

Top 5 Back to School Sneakers Under $100 2018

Sadly summer is coming to an end and school is starting soon. I know that some of you are starting school in a couple weeks so I thought that this would be a good time to write about the…


How to Style Jewlery

A nice watch, bracelet, or neckless can make the most simple outfit and turn it into and even better outfit. With this in mind you DON’T to over do it with the jewelry. Keep it simple to 1, or 2…


Recent Trends

Im not here to say what you (Trends) should and shouldn’t wear. Everyone has there own style and should wear what they like but with that being said these are my summer trends. There are many trends that come…

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Beach Trip Outfits

Its finally time for the beach trip you’ve been waiting for.. but you don’t know what to wear so in this post i’m going to give you a couple of ideas of what you can wear and look stylish…

Fashion Travel

My Summer Essentials 2018

Its finally summer yay.. Time for the beach, traveling, pools and warm weather. The one bad thing though is that its harder to style clothes in the summer so here’s my top summer essentials for men in 2018 Swim…